My goal in life is to make people aware of the things we wish we knew in high school. One of the things I’d like people to be aware of is: we are slowly killing our dogs without knowing it.

Did you know that the food we’re feeding our dogs is a big factor why our dogs are unhealthy? And did you know that we don’t see them as unhealthy because the media says they’re healthy?

And did you know… that most commercial dog food isn’t really food? It’s just a mixture of grain / soybean / corn / chemicals / additives / preservatives / corn / corn / corn and corn. And thousands of dogs have paid the price: by dying or being sick. Check Google. And yes, even popular dog food products.

What frustrates me is… I couldn’t do anything. I felt so helpless knowing all these things and I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Have you ever felt it? Wanting to save the world but realizing you’re too small and helpless to do anything? I suck at SEO and anything online…. so how am I supposed to make people aware of stuff??

But now I found WA. And my boss, an internet marketer named Sterling Valentine. I found out: YOU CAN USE INTERNET MARKETING TO SAVE DOGS! And i will use my training at Wealthy Affiliates to do that. Premium membership here I come.

I’ve scraped my $1000 per month dream just to save dogs. I won’t earn for this. I just feel so freaking helpless not being able to save all those dogs who are victims of greedy multinational companies.

Pray [or whatever religion you have], that this works. I want to save all those dogs. They’re victims of a cruel human world. Oh gosh, if you could only see what I’ve seen.

If you have time, check my website. It’s ALMOST complete. I’d like to hear your suggestions. No domain name yet- strict budget HAHA. Here’s the site:

Crossing my fingers that this will not make me a helpless girl anymore. That this time, I can really save those dogs.

Part 2 comes when I’m done with the site.